Before and after weight loss NYC

New York City’s best weight loss options

Belly fat and weight loss NYC

Belly fat and weight loss NYC

Although the city of New York is considered to be a leaner city compared to other major cities in the US, the big apple has its share of the obese and overweight. According to the statistics, over 50% of all adults in the city of New York are either overweight or obese in NYC.

Weight loss options NYC

With over 20,000 books written on this topic, what really works and what does not for *losing weight in New York City can be a bit challenging.

With so many fad diets, and oversimplifications, where do you start to lose weight fast in NYC?

Here are some simple and easy ways and questions to ask before starting your weight loss journey in NYC.

Know your baseline body mass index, waist to hip ratio and your health risk related to weight. Understand that the distribution of weight is more important than overall weight alone.

Weight loss team NYC

Weight loss team NYC

You can use tools like BMI calculators, waist to hip ratio calculators etc. That are available online free.

Stay away from harmful tactics such as smoking, fasting, purging, or abusing laxatives.

Find a weight loss programs that is based on evidence and is supervised by a trained weight loss physician.

What are the best weight loss options in NYC?

Find a weight loss program in NYC that is covered by your insurance.

  1. How does the product or service work?
  2. Does the program emphasize diet, exercise or a combination of both?
  3. How much will it cost?
  4. Ask for an itemized list that includes membership fees and fees for weekly visits.
  5. Ask if there are extra fees for diagnostic tests, food, dietary supplements, or other products in the program.
  6. How well does it work? Ask to see the studies that back up success claims. Look for how many people completed the program, how much weight they lost, and how long they kept the weight off.
  7. What are the risks?
  8. Get details about possible side effects.

    weight loss program NYC

    weight loss program NYC

  9. How many calories will you eat each day?
  10. What are the staff qualifications?
  11. Ask about their training and experience.
    What type of attention will you receive?
  12. Will you get individual counseling or group support? How often?
  13. What do I ask the doctor?
  14. It helps to write down questions for the doctor or nurse ahead of time.
  15. How does my weight affect my health?
  16. Do I have a health problem that is causing me to be overweight?
  17. How will losing weight help me?
  18. What is a healthy weight for me?
  19. How much weight do I need to lose?
  20. How long should it take me to lose weight?
  21. What are healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off?
  22. How can I change my eating habits?
  23. What kinds of physical activity do I need to do?
  24. Could a weight-loss program help me?
  25. What type of weight-loss program would you recommend for me?



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