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ObesityThe city of New York is one of the most happening places on Earth, the largest city, and financial capital of the United States. Home to the New York Giants, and Yankees, New York is also known as the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, Emerald City, to name a few. Everything happens at a past pace in New York and as such, New Yorkers expect quick results when it comes to losing weight. They have no time to waste on fad diets and useless gimmicks for diet or weight loss.Three things wrong with our diet

Obesity in New York

More than half of all adult New Yorkers are either overweight overweight (34%) or obesity (22%) bringing the total that either overweight or obese in NYC to about 56% and growing.

Obesity epidemic in the US

Nationwide, obesity is an epidemic affecting about 40% of the entire adult population with another 30% overweight bringing the total of overweight and obese adults to a staggering 70%, according to the latest obesity statistics from Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Causes of weight gain in NYC

Obesity is a complex medical disease and all that are overweight or obese are at the same risk. Some overweight or obese are at higher health risk compared to others based on the distribution of their weight. That is why a measurement of waist circumference is a good measure of health risks associated with obesity, such as metabolic syndrome.

Some of the causes of weight gain

  • Food and Activity – You heard it before, you gain weight when you eat more calories than what you burn, although the reality is more complex that that.
  • Environment – the environment can influence our ability to maintain a healthy weight
  • Genetics plays a part in obesity
  • Health Conditions and Medications also play an important role
  • Stress, Emotional Factors, and Poor Sleep.
  • Metabolic Factors such as insulin resistance play a huge role, according to Dr. Prab R Tumpati, MD, founder of W8MD weight loss, sleep and medspa centers. Affecting over 70% of the entire population, insulin resistance is the real reason why many cannot seem to lose weight or have slower metabolism, crave carbs, or otherwise stuck in their weight.

Benefits of losing weight in NYC

  • Why bother to lose weight?
  • Are there any health benefits to losing weight?
  • Is it worth it to try to lose weight?

The answer is a resounding yes, as there are over 50 different medical conditions the risk of which increases with obesity and losing even a small amount of weight loss can have significant health benefit. However, fad diets or quick fixes do not work.

Change in lifestyle is key

For most people are obese, it requires a lifetime of maintaining the weight after losing it. It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, uou may need to commit to permanent changes of healthier eating, regular physical activity, and an improved food habits.

Weight loss success storiesSome of the conditions that are related to obesity include the following:

  • type 2 diabetes.
  • high blood pressure.
  • heart disease and strokes.
  • many types of cancer.
  • sleep apnea.
  • osteoarthritis.
  • fatty liver disease.
  • kidney disease.

Options to lose weight in NYC

  • How is obesity treated?
  • What really works for losing weight?
  • What are the 5 proven measures to lose weight in NYC?

Here are the 5 proven measures to treat obesity

Obesity is treated using one or more of these
„ a diet low in calories such as VLCD diet for rapid weight loss
„ increased physical activity (works only in combination with a diet)
„ behavior therapy to change eating habits
„ prescription medications
„ weight-loss surgery

Is a physician weight loss program right for you to lose weight in New York City?

If you have tried many fad diets and ready to use the help of trained and experienced obesity medicine physicians, you should consider the unique, evidence based physician supervised, non-surgical weight loss program by W8MD.

How can W8MD’s Physician Weight Loss Program Help me lose weight fast in NYC?

  • W8MD is not an average weight loss program – we custom design a weight loss plan that is right for you
  • We offer behavioral treatment, also called lifestyle counseling.
  • We will teach you how to develop and stick with healthier eating and physical activity habits
  • We also believe in getting enough sleep, managing stress for best weight loss results
  • We also offer FDA approved prescription weight-loss medicines when appropriate
  • We offer ongoing feedback, monitoring, and support throughout the program,
  • We believe in  slow and steady weight-loss goals
  • We offer a long term plan for keeping the weight off once you reach your goal
  • We accept most health insurances for visits and our additional program cost of just $50.00 biweekly is one the lowest in the greater New York City
  • Prescription medications such as Phentermine and Topiramate if dispensed in office are are complimentary

For the past 10 plus years, we have served and helped thousands of residents of greater New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania not only lose weight but also to keep it off! Give us a call today at 718 946 5500. What have you got to lose besides your weight?Weight loss NYC

List of areas and neighborhoods we serve for physician medical weight loss in New York City

We serve all the 5 boroughs of New York City with two convenient locations in Brooklyn, and Manhattan.Diet

Borough of Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

below 14th street


West Side

Weight loss team NYC

Weight loss team NYC


East Side

Upper Manhattan

Weight loss shakes NYC

Weight loss shakes NYC

above 110th St

Borogh of Bronx

South Bronx

West BronxNutrition

East Bronx





Staten Island

weight loss program PA reviews

weight loss program PA reviews


West BronxWest-Bronx is a neighborhood in the borough of Bronx, in New York City which is in the service area for W8MD’s NYC medical weight loss, sleep and medspa centers. It is the more densely populated area of the Bronx, next to upper Manhattan and is west of the Bronx river.

Obesity in the Bronx

The Bronx has the city’s highest rate of obesity, with residents facing an estimated 85 percent higher risk of being obese than people in Manhattan.

About 68.4% of all adults in the Bronx are considered overweight or obese, as opposed to 56.5% of in the city of New York and 60.5% in the state of New York.

List of neibhorhoods in the West Bronx W8MD’s New York City weight loss, sleep and medical aesthetic program draws patients from include the following:

W8MD Team

W8MD weight loss team NYC

  • West-Bronx
  • Bedford-Park
  • Belmont
  • Concourse
  • East-Tremont
  • Fordham
  • Highbridge
  • Jerome-Park
  • Kingsbridge
  • Kingsbridge-Heights
  • Van-Cortlandt-Village
  • Morris-Heights
  • Norwood
  • Riverdale
  • North-Riverdale
  • Fieldston
  • Hudson-Hill
  • Mosholu
  • Spuyten-Duyvil
  • Tremont
  • University-Heights
  • West-Farms
  • Woodlawn
  • East-Bronx
  • Allerton
  • Baychester
  • Bronx-Manor
  • Castle-Hill
  • City-Island
  • Clason-Point
  • Harding-Park
  • Co-op-City
  • Country-Club
  • Eastchester
  • Morris-Park
  • Olinville
  • Pelham-Bay
  • Pelham-Gardens
  • Parkchester
  • Pelham-Parkway
  • Soundview
  • Throggs-Neck
  • Edgewater-Park
  • Locust-Point
  • Schuylerville
  • Van-Nest
  • Wakefield
  • Westchester-Square
  • Williamsbridge
  • Related-areas
  • Marble-Hill
  • Rikers-Island
  • Retail-districts
  • Arthur-Avenue
  • Fordham-Plaza
  • The-Hub

Our obesity, weight loss program in NYC with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn serve the residents of the Bronx trying to lose weight.