IV Nutrition Drips

W8MD’s Intravenous Nutrition IV Drips / IV Pushes


The Immunity Push is an infusion tailor-made to boost your immune system and prevent travel related illnesses. It contains high dose Vitamin C, B vitamins, Lysine and Zinc combined with specially formulated nutrients to help combat superbugs and common viruses.

  • Cold and Flu Buster
  • Perfect for travelers
  • Improves immune health and mental clarity


For the high flying executives dealing with stress, this is the super drip with multivitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants, which will optimize performance, neurological function, increase immune support, fight against free radicals, diminish side effects of stress, illuminate your skin and keep you feeling revitalized.

  • A mixture of specifically formulated vitamins
  • All the essential vitamins in one concoction
  • Alleviates fatigue and mental bogginess
  • Increases performance and energy


Considered by many as the mother of all antioxidants, Glutathione contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to cellular components in your body and helps with removing oxygen free radicals and toxins. Glutathione is the secret to looking younger as a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system.

  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Skin brightening
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Liver detoxifier



Our farthest patient comes from Dallas, Texas! Testimonials

All IV Drips are given 250-500 ml of normal saline based on the clinical situation.


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Nutrition Consultations

Please note all W8MD nutritional services are addon services and offered to patients that establish a doctor patient relationship first with our providers by a consultation for which we accept most insurances. For self pay patients interested in our nutritional supplementation services, the consultation cost is $110.00 that includes one nutritional booster injection.

Weight Loss Consultations

Our weight loss consultations in NYC, and sleep program consultations accept most insurances. If we do not accept your insurance or you do not have insurance, our self pay cost for weight loss program is $130.00 that includes up to two diet medications when recommended by the W8MD.

Our Cosmetic Consultations are complimentary.

Call the office today at

718-945 5500

To reserve your slot or to learn more.

IV NutritionWhy IV / IM Nutrition?

Did you know that up to 39% of patients taking vitamins orally may not be absorbing them properly? Administering nutrients via an injection or intravenously (IV) allows for much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body.

Boosting vitamins, antioxidants, aminoacids, nutrients, fat burners, antioxidants and essential nutrients directly in to your body can help especially if you are not properly absorbing them!

Many vitamins, minerals, and amino supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally. For some people, barriers may exist in the gastrointestinal tract preventing adequate absorption.

Our introductory special offer prices are up to 50% cheaper compared to others and are only available for a limited time.

Cost of W8MD IV and IM Nutrition Services

Cities and areas served: W8MD weight loss, sleep, medspa and IV nutrition services in NYC are available at all of the W8MD weight loss, sleep and medspa locations.

W8MD’s New York City weight loss, sleep and medspa in Brooklyn, New York serves the residents of greater New York City including the boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island, West Hempstead, Franklin Square, NY, Hempstead, NY, Garden City, New Hyde Park, Uniondale, North Valley Stream, New York City, Queens, Bronx, NYC, Bayonne, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Counties Served: Kings, Richmond, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Nassau County NY, Hudson County, NJ

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