Garcinia cambogia

What is garcinia cambogia dietary weight loss supplement?

Garcinia cambogia is a tree that develops many countries in Asia, Africa, and the Polynesian islands.Obesity

What are weight loss effects of Garcinia Cambigia for losing weight in NYC?

Hydroxycitric corrosive in the natural product is professed to diminish the quantity of new fat cells your body makes, smother your craving and along these lines decrease the measure of nourishment you eat, and limit the measure of weight you gain.

Does garcinia cambogia work for weight loss in NYC?

Garcinia cambogia has next to zero impact on weight loss.

What are the side effects of Garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia  can cause cerebral pain, queasiness, and side effects in the upper respiratory tract, stomach, and digestion tracts.

How can we help?

If you are tired of being overweight or obese in NYC and have never tried W8MD’s insurance medical weight loss program in NYC, call us today. You will see the difference between us and others. We accept most insurances for visits with just $50.00 biweekly on top of insurance that includes any diet medications if dispensed in office.

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Waist circumference

Waist circumference measurement indicates how much fat a person has around their midriff.

Physician supervised and safe weight loss

Physician supervised and safe weight loss

What are the risks of large waist?

A larger waist size increase the risk of health problems linked to obesity.

What is the ideal waist circumference for a woman?

Women with a waist size of more than 35 inches.

What is the ideal waist circumference for a man?

men with a waist size of more than


Acanthosis Nigricans in the neck is a sign of insulin resistance

40 inches have a higher risk of developing health problems linked to obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. These measures are lower by 5 cm in Asians.

What are the risks of high waist circumference?

Research shows that a high waist circumference increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease risk.

How to correctly measure waist circumference?

To measure your waist circumference in proper way, you should stand and place a tape measure around your middle, just above your hipbones and measure the waist just after you breath out.

What causes excess belly weight in NYC?

Excess weight around the tummy is a sign of what is called metabolic syndrome, which is due to insulin resistance, a reversible medical condition that is also considered precursor to type 2 diabetes. If you need help losing belly fat in NYC, W8MD can help.



Very low-calorie diet

Very low-calorie diet in NYC is a special diet supervised by a health care professional that typically uses commercially prepared formulas called meal replacements to promote rapid weight loss in some patients who are considered to be obese.

How many calories are in VLCD diet plans to lose weight in NYC?

People on a VLCD consume about 800 – 1000 calories a day or less.W8MD VLCD diet

Are VLCD diet meals the same as the meal replacements I buy in stores?

These formulas are not the same as the meal replacements you can find at other stores as those are designed more for maintenance than weight loss, besides being non-ketogenic. Ketosis, by definition, needs careful medical supervision.

How many calories does one need to maintain weight?

Depending on a number of factors, healthy adults need different amounts of calories to meet their daily energy needs. A standard amount is about 2,000 calories.

How many calories are in most VLCD diet plans to lose weight in New York City?

VLCDs provide far fewer calories than most people need to maintain a healthy weight.

Does VLCD diet lead to rapid weight loss?

Yes. This type of diet is used to promote quick weight loss, often as a way to jump-start an obesity treatment program.

Does VLCD diet provide all the nutrients?Weight loss success stories NYC

Yes. VLCD formulas are designed to provide all of the nutrients you need while helping you lose weight quickly.

Should I use a VLCD to lose weight?

It depends. Consulting with an experienced obesity medicine physician is recommended. VLCDs may be used to promote rapid weight loss among adults who have obesity.

What is the cost of VLCD meal replacements?

At most W8MD centers, the VLCD meal replacements only cost about $2.15 cents per meal replaced which is cheaper than the ingredient costs of self prepared meals which average about $3.00 per meal.

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How can W8MD’s VLCD diet plans help me lose weight in NYC?

W8MD’s VLCD diet plans have been helping residents of greater New York City lose weight under medical supervision, often combined with other non-surgical measures such as appetite suppressant medications, for fast weight loss results in NYC.

Body mass index

Weight loss NYCBody mass index (BMI) is commonly abbreviated to BMI. It is a quick and easy measure of body weight relative to the height although it only works for those that are not on the extremes when it comes to muscle mass such as body builders.

For adults, body mass index of of 18.5 to 25 is normal and anything above 25 in terms of BMI is considered overweight. Further, a BMI of over 30 is considered clinical obesity. Unfortunately, over half the adults in New York City and even more, up to two thirds in the United States meet the definition of being overweight.

If you are overweight or obese, and need the help of a trained, and experienced weight loss doctor in NYC, contact W8MD. As one of the few medical weight loss programs in NYC to accept health insurances, with minimal program cost of just $50.00 biweekly on top of insurance, W8MD’s weight loss program is cheaper than even non-medical programs such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

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Bariatric surgery

ObesityWhat is bariatric surgery for losing weight in NYC?

Bariatric surgery is often recommended by physicians for those with morbid obesity although medical weight loss is still an option for many even with morbid obesity.

How does bariatric surgery work for weight loss in New York City?

The basic concept of bariatric surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach sac so that a person feels fuller sooner. However, the stomach sac is like a balloon that can re-expand gradually over time leading to weight regain in many patients that had gastric bypass surgery.

What are the risks of bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery also carries the risks associated with surgery such as anastomosis leak, anesthesia risk, adhesion’s, malabsorption, in addition to the risk of weight regain, so it has to be used judiciously and only after less invasive options such as medical weight loss were tried and not successful.Weight loss NYC

What are the other names for bariatric surgery?

Other names for bariatric surgery: Bariatric surgery is also known as gastrointestinal surgery or weight-loss surgery.

What are the types of bariatric surgery?

Gastric bypass (Roux and Y) or sleeve are the two types of common bariatric surgery procedures.

Who are the candidates for gastric bypass surgery?

his is surgery on the stomach and/or intestines to help patients with extreme obesity to lose weight.

What are the other non-surgical techniques used for weight loss?

Lap-Band, and Intra-gastric balloon are some of the commonly used techniques. Weight loss success stories

Glossary of bariatric surgical terms

Band Disintegration: Disintegration of the LAP-BAND® Framework gadget through the gastric dividers and into the lumen of the stomach.

Band Slippage: At the point when part of the stomach underneath the Lap-Band Framework, relocates up through the band, making a bigger pocket over the band.

Bariatric: Identified with the part of medication that manages the counteraction and treatment of heftiness.

Bariatric Specialist: A specialist who has practical experience in the careful treatment of weight.

Body Mass Index: A measure of fatness as measured by height to weight ratio.

Comorbidity: An ailment that exists notwithstanding and is caused or compounded by heftiness or some other essential ailment being contemplated or treated. With adequate weight reduction, heftiness related comorbidities, for example, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and rest apnea for the most part improve or totally resolve.

Dumping Syndrome:A physiological response habitually observed after gastric detour medical procedure. This activity is intended to adjust the capacity of the stomach and digestive organs and interfere with ordinary processing. Hence, at whatever point patients eat certain nourishments, for example, sugar and desserts, they may encounter “dumping,” portrayed by side effects of queasiness, flushing and perspiring, wooziness and watery looseness of the bowels.

Gastric Bypass: A surgery for the treatment of morbid obesity where a thumb-sized stomach pocket is made utilizing stapling strategies to separate the stomach and afterward interface the outlet of the pocket straightforwardly to the digestive tract basically “bypassing” the lower stomach.

Gastroesophageal Reflux: The retrogressive progression of stomach substance into the throat because of a glitch in the sphincter toward the finish of the throat. This can cause acid reflux and uneasiness. At the point when it happens over and again, it might become gastroesophageal reflux ailment (GERD), where stomach corrosive can in the long run cause scarring of the throat and other incessant issues.

Laparoscopic surgical procedure: A negligibly intrusive careful methodology where the specialist makes a few little entry points to get to the inside of the body. A long, thin camera connected to a light source and chopstick-like instruments are utilized to play out the activity. Contrasted with the enormous entry point of traditional open medical procedure, there is regularly less torment and scarring following this activity. As a rule, emergency clinic remain and by and large recuperation time are likewise decreased.Weight loss success stories NYC

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass: An insignificantly obtrusive technique for performing gastric bypass medical procedure.

Lumen: The pit or channel inside a cylinder or rounded organ.

Malabsorption: A condition where the small digestive tract can’t retain supplements from nourishments.

Sleep Apnea: The impermanent suspension of breathing during sleep which may happen over and again, bringing about a poor night’s rest and daytime sluggishness. One of the comorbidities related with being obese.

Sleeve Gastrectomy: Sleeve gastrectomy is a weight reduction medical procedure in which the specialist cuts away a huge bit of the stomach. The new, littler stomach is about the size of a banana. It restrains the measure of nourishment an individual can eat by making the body feel more full in the wake of eating limited quantities of nourishment.

Stoma: The outlet to the stomach made by stapling or setting a customizable band around its upper part, which isolates the stomach into two sections – the little upper stomach pocket and the lower stomach – bringing about confinement of the measure of nourishment the stomach can hold and expanding the time it takes to exhaust. The LAP-BAND® Framework enables the stoma to be balanced by blowing up or flattening the inward surface of the band so as to alter the level of confinement.

How can W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program in NYC help?

If you are considering bariatric surgery, and have never tried the W8MD’s unique non-surgical medical weight loss program in NYC, give us a call. You may or may not really need the surgery. It does not hurt to consult with a physician that is well trained and experienced in the field of obesity medicine to discuss all your options including surgical and non-surgical procedures so you can take an informed decision. What have you got to lose? Call us today at 718 945 5500 to learn more. We have many locations in NYC, NJ and PA with more coming soon.

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Aerobic physical activity

ObesityAerobic physical activity is any physical activity or exercise that uses the large muscle groups of the body that increases the heart rate and breathing for long periods of time as opposed to anaerobic exercises.

What types of exercises are considered aerobic, also called endurance type, exercise?

Examples of aerobic exercises include the following:

  • Bicycling
  • brisk walking
  • unning, and
  • swimming.

Also see does exercise help you lose weight in NYC?