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Sleep Disorders and Obesity

Sleep Medicine Services

Since sleep disorders and weight gain go together, most w8md Centers also address any underlying sleep problems including Sleep apnea, insomnia, rest less leg syndrome to name a few.

As a state of the art, American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accredited Diagnostic and Sleep Center, Sleep Medical Associates Sleep Services offers full range of sleep disorder mangement.

As one of the very few sleep medicine programs to also have a weight loss program, we have succeeded in helping many sleep apnea patients on CPAP treatment come off the treatment after successfully losing the weight.

Sleep Medical Associates offers the following specialized services in our state of the art testing facility. The patients can receive follow-up care and case management at a single site.

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & MedSpa

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & MedSpa

Sleep Medicine Services In New York City 

  • Comprehensive consultation with our Board Certified Physician
  • Routine Overnight Polysomnogram Testing
  • Adaptive pressure ventilation titrations.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
  • Multiple Wakefulness Testing
  • CPAP & BiPAP Titration studies

Also Offer Insurance Physician *Weight Loss Program

No Setup Fees or Obligations To Our Medical Weight Loss Program

With no setup fees, no mandatory products, losing weight has Never been easier.

Patients interested in safe and fast weight loss are welcome

If you are a patient and would like help losing weight safely and effectively under the careful medical supervision of a fellowship trained obesity medicine specialist using non-surgical weight loss techniques including FDA approved medications, you may want to contact us.

Centrally Located Close To The Belt Park Way, Accessible to All 5 boroughs of New York City

w8md medical weight loss reviews

w8md medical weight loss reviews

New York City

W8MD at Sleep Medical Associates Sleep Services,

2632 E 21st St
Brooklyn, NY 11235
United States

Get directions

This Center Accepts Most Insurances for Visits. 

Ph: 718-946-5500 or 1-800-W8MD-007

This Center Accepts Most Insurances for Visits.

Also in other locations, visit for a list of updated locations.

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Sleep Medicine Services

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