Slimming down – 8 steps to a healthier you by W8MD

If you are a bit overweight or obese and would like to slim down, you are not alone. Globally, more than a billion adults are either overweight or obese, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). adam

  • An estimated 22 million children under five are overweight.
  • Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and certain forms of cancer.
  • Major contributor for this problem is the insulin resistance caused in part by the increased consumption of energy-dense foods high in sugars that are high in glycemic index,certain unhealthy saturated fats, and reduced physical activity.

In an extensive report on overweight and obesity in America, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that average adult Americans are 25 pounds heavier than they were in 1960.

What can you do to slim down?

Step 1: Understand where you are using tools such as body mass index and metabolic syndrome meter. Know that your risk is not just   based on the BMI but on the distribution of the weight, blood work, waist measurement, medical history and other factors.
Step 2: Identify the causes for your weight gain such as nutritional, hormonal, sleep, stress, metabolic such as insulin resistance etc.
Step 3: Find a physician that is trained in obesity medicine that can work with your insurance
Step:4: Make an appointment with an Obesity Medicine Physician such as a W8MD Physician
Step 5: In consultation with the weight loss physician, set realistic and practical goals
Step 6: Start an evidence based weight loss program that suits your goals, and needs
Step 7: Identify resources for information and support
Step 8: Continually “check in” with yourself to monitor your progress.

How can W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Of America’s weight loss program help?

 With two convenient locations in New York City in Philadelphi and King Of Prussia, W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America’s program can help! Call W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Of America’s Program at 1(800)W8MD-007 to learn more. 

Belly fat and weight loss NYC

Belly fat and weight loss NYC

Weight loss appointments

Weight loss centers that accept insurance
Pennsylvania –Philadelphia Weight Loss
 Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD Insurance Weight Loss Center: 1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115


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King of Prussia Weight Loss

Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD Weight Loss Center at King Of Prussia: 987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087


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New York City Weight Loss

W8MD’s NYC Insurance Weight Loss & Sleep Center at Sleep Medical Associates, PLLC, 2003, Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214


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How does your medical weight loss program differ from weight watchers or jenny craig?

How does your medical weight loss program differ from

weight watchers or jenny craig’s weight loss program?

While this question is asking how does a barber differ from a surgeon, we do want to contrast the two types of programs so you can decide for yourself which is better for you.

Medical Grade Weight Loss Can Be

Cheaper Than Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers!

According to this report on ABC news, the cost of weight loss via Jenny Craig is estimated to be $237.56 per pound of weight lost. So, if you have just about 30 pounds to lose, you might end up spending, $7126.8 with a Jenny Craig program. On the other hand – since W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program accepts your health insurance for the physician visits with no significant direct cost to you other than copays, or co-insurance, you can end up saving significant amount. On top of it, you can be assured that you are under the care of a trained medical professional with thorough understanding of all the factors including metabolic, nutritional, hormonal, medications, sleep, genetic, stress and be able to address all of these factors to the best way possible.

Insurance medical weight loss

W8MD’s NYC insurance medical weight loss

Accepting Health Insurance Makes It Cheaper

If the physician medical weight loss program is willing to work with your insurance, that is by far the best, cheapest, and fastest way to lose weight without surgeries and can be potential cheaper than programs like even Jenny Craig’s.

Weight Loss Physicians Can Prescribe, Jenny Craig Or Weight Watchers Cann’t!

Also note that Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers cannot prescribe weight loss medications, order blood work to determine any medical causes for your weight gain such as insulin resistance, hormonal factors, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Since they are non-medical, they cannot correct any of the above factors contributing to your weight gain! And on top of it, they can be far more expensive per pound of weight lost compared to an insurance physician weight loss program that is safe, fast, effective and even much cheaper!

Call W8MD Medical Weight Loss Center’s Insurance Weight Loss Program Today

If you are a bit overweight or obese, and would like to lose weight safely, effectively, without surgery and under careful medical supervision, W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program in New York City with offices in New York City, and King Of Prussia might be the right choice for you.

Call 1(800)W8MD-007 to learn more. Or visit for more information on W8MD programs and other locations. If you are a physician interested in adding a W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program at your medical facility without hefty franchise fees for medical weight loss, you may also want to contact W8MD.