Lipo B Fat Burner B12 Weight Loss Booster

Many people take B12 injections to help speed up the metabolism while others take lipo tropic agents of Methionin, Inositol and Choline called MIC injection for fat burning. What if these two popular ones, the MIC injection and B12 injection are combined in to one injection? That is exactly what lipo B is – it is a combination of B12 with the lipotropic agents of Methionin, Inositol and Choline.

Lipo B Super Weight Loss Shot NYC

Lipo B Fat BurnerLipo B

The Lipo B booster shot has two components – the Lipo portion includes 3 lipotropic agents and the B portion includes vitamin B12, also called Cyanocobalamin.

Benefits of Lipo-B Shot

  • Boost energy and increase metabolism
  • Increase concentration and memory
  • Increase blood cell formation and boost nerve function
  • Promote weight loss and improve immune function
  • Promote fat burning pathways in the liver

Cost of Lipo B B12 with lipotropic agents shot in NYC

Since most insurances might cover the B12, you only pay about $10.00 for the lipotropic portion of the Lipo B. For self pay patients without insurance, the cost of IM lipo B injection at most W8MD centers is about $30.00

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