Lipo B Fat Burner B12 Weight Loss Booster

Lipo B Super Weight Loss Shot NYC

Lipo B Fat BurnerLipo B

The Lipo B booster shot is designed to help you not only lose weight but also get a boost of energy.  Lipo B has two components – the Lipo portion includes 3 lipotropic agents and the B portion includes vitamin B12, also called Cyanocobalamin.

Lipo B combines the two traditional weight loss shots, the B12 energy booster and lipotropic MIC (methionine, Inositol and Choline) fat burner shot.

Benefits of Lipo-B Shot

  • Lipo B increases metabolism
  • Promote weight loss and improve immune function
  • Promote fat burning pathways in the liver

Cost of Lipo B shot in NYC – Just $10 with insurance

Since most insurances might cover the B12, you only pay about $10.00 for the lipotropic portion of the Lipo B. For self pay patients without insurance, the cost of IM lipo B injection at most W8MD centers is about $30.00

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