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Here are some of the inspiring *weight loss success stories of people losing weight at W8MD’s NYC medical weight loss program

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NYC medical weight loss success stories – Google Reviews.

I started 7 months ago and have lost 60 lbs. It may sound slow, but it worked for me, and I lost inches. We all have been on diets that you start off great and then fall off. This is the first diet that I have had success on. Dr. Tumpati and his staff is great. If you have any concerns about anything he always guides you through it. I also like that he is a Dr. so if your on any prescriptions he can monitor you as you go along. I have more energy and feel great. I am very happy that I started with this program
 Susan Gomez L.
This is the best weight loss doctor in nyc brooklyn. i have lost 50lbs and am extremely happy about it . the doctor talks to you & tells you how to you by the amount of sugar in any food or fruits or anything so it teaches you how to eat & thats the reason why i lost alot of weight by him teaching me these things that no other weightloss place that ive been too & he has alot of patient explaining everything so that you will understand to make you you the weight. i appreciate this doctor alot hes awesome & caring.

Before and after weight loss NYC

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